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Changing Habits - Changing Lives

Apr 27, 2020

I discuss psychometric assessments with Anna Britnor-Guest. What are they and how they are used by organisations, particularly in the recruitment process.  Also, how they can help you learn about your preferred behaviours in a work environment. And how they can help up build a personal development plan.

If you would...

Apr 20, 2020

You already have a morning routine. It may not be the one you want and it may not be helping you take care of yourself and make the most of your day.

I take a look at what makes a morning routines and what you can do to kick start your day as well as looking after your physical and mental wellbeing.

Don't forget you PDF...

Apr 14, 2020

Currently many of us are facing a challenging and tough time. Staying motivated and to keep going becomes a big challenge. In this episode I look at how you can keep a level of motivation to keep you moving forward.

If you want some help in clearing your head and putting together a plan for the weeks ahead. Simply drop...