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Changing Habits - Changing Lives

May 25, 2020

Making new habits stick can be an issue. There is an approach called habit stacking which can prove extremely useful when you are trying to create good habits and want to make them stick.

It uses existing habits, routines, and activities to build from.

If you want to learn more about habit stacking and making...

May 15, 2020

We can become overwhelmed when things appear to be out of control. All around us there is uncertainty. When we focus on these it can have a negative impact on our mental and physcial well being.

There are 8 things you can focus on which are totally in your control which will help you stay healthy and have some...

May 2, 2020

I take a look at the question "Do you have plan for you, your career/work, your life?"

I was asked this question many years ago and at the time I didn't really understand the real implication of it or the short conversation around it.

After you have listened to the podcast and you want some help in putting an outline...